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Let us upgrade you!


If you’re upgrading from a standard central air conditioner, ductless system, or if you want to install a heat pump in a new home we can help.

We only sell the top products on the market, because the quality is very important to us. No matter what option you choose, you’ll get the best quality make and model air conditioner and thorough service from our team.

Air conditioning and heating costs account for about one-third of your utility bills every month. With that kind of serious investment, you can’t afford to suffer from an AC unit that is not operating at peak efficiency or fails to keep your home cool. If your AC system produces inconsistent temperatures, fails to keep the home cool, or your cooling costs are skyrocketing, it may be time for a new air conditioner.




Keep an eye out for our seasonal specials and energy-saving tips throughout the year. There are various factors to consider when you’re shopping for a new AC unit, including:

  1. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER

  2. The potential for a federal income tax credit

  3. Any extras that may be included in the price of the installation

Talk to an HVAC contractor about maintenance plans that help your system run at peak performance. Call 704-537-7206 today to schedule AC installations in Charlotte, NC.

Finding the Right AC Unit. 


Measuring Home Size for Most Efficient Cooling Power

Finding the proper sizing for your home is essential. Selecting a unit that is either oversized or undersized for your home can diminish its efficiency and effectiveness.

Finding the Right Size Air Conditioning System

We will calculate the air conditioner characteristics for your home. This includes home size, climate, and shape. We’ll then look at existing ductwork and check for leaks or seals.

Your Central Air Conditioning Installation

Proper installation ensures your system operates at the most comfortable and efficient level. You will have peace of mind knowing your system is operating efficiently and that you have Exact Temp committed to serving you long after the sale.


Our Quality Guarantee

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